Airlines Security Case Study

Digital Hands proves to be something special for a major airline

This major airline is the result of the consolidation of more than 80 small airlines and is today one of the world’s largest, serving 260 airports in more than 50 countries and territories. On an average day, it will receive more than 239,000 reservation calls and it’s web site will handle nearly two million transactions.

The Challenge: Web gateways were unstable and faced security issues

The airline relies heavily on the Internet. For many customers, the web site is their primary interface for researching and purchasing. But the airline’s web gateways were suffering from the stress of high use and constant security threats from the Internet. Stability suffered and gateway availability varied resulting in decreased customer satisfaction and, often, lost revenue opportunities. To complicate matters, the gateways often produced erroneous alerts and alarms. These errors caused the airline’s core staff to waste valuable resources looking for issues that did not exist.

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