PCI Compliance Services

Retail stores, hospitality establishments, and other organizations that rely on credit and debit card transactions are required by law to be PCI Compliant. The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) necessitates comprehensive network security to guard against attacks and unauthorized attempts to penetrate the system, and keep cardholder information safe from identity theft.

However, most organizations in the retail and hospitality industries simply aren’t equipped to maintain the dynamic security levels they need. For example, unlike other types of organizations which may have an IT department specifically to deal with computer and technology related issues, franchisee businesses, retail, and hospitality companies typically don’t have the resources to implement comprehensive security measures. The solution is Managed Security Services.

Prevent Network Attacks & Fraud – Protect Financial Data

Digital Hands Managed Security Services can provide companies with the security necessary for PCI compliance, to prevent network attacks, protect customers’ financial information, and prevent fraud and identity theft. We perform rigorous testing to detect a system’s vulnerabilities and strengthen them against future attacks. We continually scan the system and monitor it for potential breaches, compiling regular reports of all network activity, which are then analyzed to improve protection further.

And, most importantly, we guard not only against malicious attacks, but also against the most common causes of data security breaches, negligence and human error. We inform employees of data security best practices and proper procedures for keeping cardholder information safe.

Our team of security experts works closely with our clients to create the best security plan to meet their needs. We’re also available anytime for consultation, to answer questions or address concerns, in order to make sure our clients are getting the most out of our services.