Policy & Compliance Analysis

Every organization should have detailed network security policies outlined, to protect their data and web applications from cyber threats. In many industries, those policies are required by law to comply with certain set government standards. Things like sensitive healthcare information, credit card data, or financial reports must be strictly monitored, with specific measures taken to keep them secure. If an organization doesn’t comply with the government standards for their industry, they risk heavy fines or even jail time.

However, keeping track of these standards and making sure that all company policies are in compliance can be a difficult task. Standards frequently change, and it’s easy to get left behind. In order to ensure all necessary compliance, the best course of action is to hire a Managed Security Services company to perform policy and regulatory compliance analysis.

Latest Standards for Computer & Network Security

Digital Hands is up to date on all the latest government standards for computer and network security. We’ll perform a thorough analysis of all IT policies to make sure that the necessary information is kept secure from malicious attacks. Then, we’ll work side by side with the organization to update their policies using accepted best practices and find the best solutions to ensure the necessary security for their data and applications.

Digital Hands utilizes the most comprehensive policy and compliance resources available, to help companies keep their IT policies current without spending a lot of their own time and resources on the matter. With Digital Hands, an organization can have all of their security services taken care of, while focusing their own resources on keeping their company running smoothly.