Data Protection Services

Digital Hands Data Protection Services

Whether they deal with top secret plans, sensitive client information, or just everyday facts and figures, every organization needs a method in place to protect their data from unauthorized access. In a number of fields, there are even government mandated compliance regulations to be met to ensure the safety of sensitive data. Meeting the proper level of data security can be difficult for an organization that doesn’t have the necessary resources or expertise for compliance. That’s why Digital Hands offers the most comprehensive data protection options available.

Our award-winning team of experts can keep an organization’s most sensitive data safe from prying eyes. We work with each of our clients to design the security solution that best meets their needs, including full compliance with all necessary regulations such as PCI DSS, HIPAA, FFIEC/GLBA and others. We provide completely managed services for organizations which don’t have or don’t want to use their own resources for data protection. We also provide independent consultation for organizations which prefer to implement their own security solutions.

Data Protection Services

Data protection is essential in any organization, but it’s particularly necessary in fields such as…

  • Healthcare – Sensitive patient medical information.
  • Legal – Confidential information between attorney and client.
  • Retail & Hospitality – Customer payment card information.

And others…

A firewall is important, but you need a variety of services to comprehensively protect your data against any and all potential threats. Digital Hands provides integrated data protection using tools from top companies like Microsoft, McAfee, and RSA.

Digital Hands provides comprehensive data protection and compliance services to organizations of all sizes and needs. Our services range from fully managed security services to basic support to security consultations that help you identify your weak points.

How Digital Hands Helps

Digital Hands protects all of your data while complying and integrating seamlessly with your internal and external processes. We do this by:

  • Implementing BYOD/CYOD mobile infrastructure
  • Helping you to recover from threats and attacks, including meeting all your recovery objectives on your recovery timeline
  • Helping you to develop a security culture that fully protects your data while also making room for business processes