Data Loss Prevention Services

Digital Hands Data Loss Prevention

No managed security services provider can protect against data loss as well as Digital Hands. We’re the industry leader in data loss prevention. Every organization has sensitive data to protect, in many cases by government mandate. It’s essential to keep that data from leaving the server, and guard against unauthorized access

Digital Hands’ managed security services protects organizations against data loss without eating up a lot of their own resources and personnel in implementing a solution. Our award-winning team of experts works closely with each of our clients to design a data loss prevention solution specifically for them and ensure that they’re getting the maximum benefit from our services. Or, for companies that do have the resources to implement their own solutions, we provide monitoring support and consulting, to help them get the best solution possible for their needs.

Data Loss Prevention Services

For organizations in the healthcare, legal, financial, retail, or hospitality industries, there are very strict government regulations about the required measures for data loss prevention. All sensitive data must be protected with a variety of measures. Many companies think that a single software solution, such as a firewall, will be enough to guard against any kind of intrusion or attack. But, in fact, complete data loss prevention requires a variety of solutions working in tandem. Digital Hands implements security solutions from the top providers in the industry, such as McAfee, RSA (EMC), and others, to ensure data safety, as well as compliance with all regulations.

Whether an organization needs a completely managed security services solution, or just a little bit of consultation, Digital Hands has the tools and the expertise necessary to provide them with the solution they need.

Benefits of Digital Hands Data Protection Solutions:

  • Reporting capabilities mean that you can satisfy compliance, audit, and governance requirements
  • Policy management is centralized, so all units and locations receive the same protection
  • Data is monitored and protected from leakage at endpoints, across the network, and at data centers