E-Commerce Fraud Control

Digital Hands E-commerce Fraud Control

Keeping payment information safe from data thieves is a difficult job, and many organizations simply don’t have the resources necessary to implement effective security. Fortunately, Digital Hands offers e-commerce fraud control solutions. Our award-winning team of experts offer managed security services to make sure clients e-commerce solutions stay safe.

E-commerce Fraud Protection Services

Retail organizations have a responsibility to keep their customers’ payment card information secure against outside threats. This is hard enough when dealing with in-store transactions and credit card machines. It’s even more difficult with online and e-commerce transactions. Without the proper precautions, hackers can steal customer information and use it to perpetrate fraud and identity theft. Utilizing industry leading technology, Digital Hands provides the most effective e-commerce fraud control available and works hard to prevent identity theft and keep customer information secure.

  • 24x7x365 Adaptive Event Monitoring with Change Management
  • Event & Incident Analysis using Web Session Intelligence
  • Proactive Customer Notification
  • Forensic Investigation
  • Reporting and Findings Transfer

In e-commerce, the risk of fraud can be quite high. With the rise of mobile commerce and e-commerce come new security threats that must be addressed. Anti-Fraud solutions must be adapted that perform real-time analysis, identify suspicious activity, and address threats as they arise. Digital Hands understands the complexities behind e-commerce fraud and the need to fully protect all aspects of the process. We audit all product transactions for threat indicators that can identify a rogue from a legitimate customer, and stop illicit activities on your e-commerce servers before they progress into fraud or theft issues.