Data Encryption Services

Digital Hands Encryption

In today’s fast-paced digital world, data privacy is a huge concern. Keeping sensitive information away from prying eyes is a necessity. This is why Digital Hands supports cutting edge encryption for organizations. Our encryption services are the best in the industry, and our award-winning team of experts is dedicated to maintaining data privacy for all of our clients. We work closely with each of our clients to find the encryption solution that best meets their needs and implement solutions that will keep any and all data secure, no matter what the threat.

Data encryption is a positive step toward a comprehensive security policy for any organization, but it’s particularly necessary in fields requiring regulatory compliance…

  • Healthcare – HIPAA requires sensitive patient information to be secure
  • Retail and Hospitality – PCI DSS requires security for any industry where customer payment card information is used
  • Research/Design – Companies should encrypt when confidential information or highly sensitive corporate secrets are transmitted electronically

Email Encryption Services

In any given organization, a tremendous amount of emails are sent and received every day, between employees, managers, clients, etc. Much of the information contained in them is often sensitive and not intended for public viewing. Therefore, it must be protected against intrusions, attacks, data loss, and other threats to system security. The best way to do that is through an encryption service, which prevents a message from being read by anyone but the person for whom it was intended.

Digital Hands provides managed encryption services and independent consultation, as well as basic support. We work hard to keep data safe and secure against all potential threats.

Digital Hands Managed Email Encryption Solutions include:

  • Protection from outages – Users can often work offline so that they can access critical data
  • Centralized management – Management is centralized, which streamlines processes
  • Excellent availability – Maintained across the network
  • Aggressive monitoring and alerts to ensure constant compliance
  • Installation of an agent on your business network workstations
  • Digital Hands serves as delivery agent, monitoring data and compliance policy
  • Identifies stored data so that you can decide whether to protect or delete stored data