Endpoint Security Services

Digital Hands Endpoint Security

Digital Hands has the most comprehensive and effective endpoint security solutions available. Our award-winning team has the skills and experience necessary to keep all of our clients’ networks protected from any kind of threat. We monitor the system day and night, are alerted to potential threats, and deal with them as soon as they arise.

Unlike other managed security services providers, rather than implementing a standard, cookie cutter solution, we work directly with each of our clients to design the endpoint security solution that best meets their individual needs. This can include the full suite of endpoint security tools, or simply a bit of support or advising. Whatever our clients need, we always make sure they’re getting the maximum benefit from our services at all times.

Endpoint Security Services

In a BYOD world, network security is increasingly difficult to maintain. Every device that connects to the network can bring maladies to the system, whether accidentally or on purpose. Therefore, endpoint security is essential to ensure that all devices comply with certain set standards before being allowed access. This includes desktops and laptops, as well as tablets and smartphones, but it also can include barcode readers, Point of Sale terminals, and a variety of other specialized devices.

Effective endpoint security requires a number of different applications and software solutions, all working in tandem to provide the most comprehensive protection. Digital Hands integrates the top network security solutions in the industry molding them into a single, all-encompassing endpoint security solution that’s designed to keep the network safe from all intruders, viruses, malware, data loss, and other threats.

Whether a company is looking for a completely managed security services solution or simply some monitoring of their own solution, Digital Hands can provide them with the service and security that they need to maintain effective endpoint security.

How do we know which systems have been compromised, and how best to repair the damage?

To identify and repair compromised systems, a managed security service is essential. Rather than simply addressing a single device, our 24x7x365 managed security services provide:

  • Up-to-date threat intelligence information so you’re protected against even the newest threats
  • Detailed, accurate analysis of data
  • Continual monitoring of endpoints for signs of threat
  • Monitoring global networks for signs of compromise that could affect your network, too

Our Comprehensive Endpoint Threat Detection is a fully managed security service that:

  • Continually monitors endpoints for signs of threat
  • Identifies and addresses events that could indicate compromise of endpoints
  • Analyzes events to determine the context and severity of the event, differentiating real threats from false positives

Advanced Endpoint Threat Detection Benefits:

  • Faster incident response thanks to 24x7x365 monitoring
  • Lower cost to incidents due to reduced false positives
  • Improved visibility
  • Increased situational awareness

Advanced intelligence threat detection that takes global security related activities into account to determine their possible effect on your network