Security Authentication Services

Digital Hands Authentication Service

Digital Hands implements the most rigorous authentication protocols for emails, logins, and other transmitted data, to prevent intrusion and ensure that all sensitive information remains secure from data thieves. Our award-winning team of experts monitors our clients’ servers continually for attacks and other threats, in order to address problems immediately and keep the organization’s data safe.

We provide fully managed security services to protect our clients from threats without wasting their own personnel and resources. But we also provide independent advising, for clients who do have the resources and expertise to implement their own security solutions. We’re a very hands-on company, and we work side by side with each organization to create the most effective custom security solution to meet their specific needs. Threats don’t stop evolving and neither do we. We grow and evolve that solution over time, to make sure that you’re always getting the maximum benefit from our services.

Authentication Services

In an organization where each employee logs in from a different device, many of them mobile devices brought from home (BYOD), it can be difficult to confirm the identity of each person accessing the system. This opens up the door to all sorts of potential malicious activity, including username and password theft, email viruses, phishing, and more. Comprehensive authentication services are needed to confirm the legitimacy of each attempt to log onto the network and keep out any unauthorized personnel.

Digital Hands supports a variety of rigorous authentication protocols to keep our clients’ networks safe and make sure no one receives access they’re not entitled to. Whether an organization is looking for fully managed security services, some basic monitoring support, or just a bit of advising, Digital Hands has the tools, the expertise, and the experience necessary to keep their network secure from any intruder.

Rich Feature Set

Authentication practices are essential, but they can be expensive to maintain as the company grows. Digital Hands secures access to your systems and protects your users with improved management. At the same time, our services reduce the cost typically associated with expanding authentication.

Powerful, Robust Authentication Management

  • Administrators have the power to quickly and easily enroll or remove your mobile workforce’s authentication privileges
  • Administrators can choose to lock out users after a number of invalid logins
  • If logins are tagged as potentially fraudulent, you’ll receive real-time alerts
  • Our BYOD management service also can wipe clean the memory of mobile devices when reported as lost or stolen, securing your network one step further.