Email Security Services

Digital Hands Email Security

Digital Hands provides the best email security solutions for any company or organization. Our managed security services are designed to take the pressure off our clients, implementing the most comprehensive and effective email security solutions for their needs, without taking their own resources and personnel away from their designated functions, so that the company can continue to run smoothly and securely. Digital Hands is a hands-on security provider. While other companies simply implement the same, cookie cutter solution for all of their clients, Digital Hands’ award-winning team of experts works with each client to find out what tools would best benefit them and implement the solution that will meet their needs. We provide not only managed services, but also monitoring and independent advising, to help any company improve their email security.

Email Security Services

In the average organization, emails go back and forth many, many times a day. It’s difficult to keep track of them, or what information each of them is conveying. Many contain private or sensitive information and it’s essential to keep them secure from outside threats or prying eyes. To keep emails secure, an organization needs a comprehensive email security solution…

  • Encryption.
  • Authentication.
  • Virus Scanning.

And more… Digital Hands implements the top email security services from a variety of providers, integrating them all into a single, comprehensive security solution that’s designed to keep email messages safe from attacks, corruption, and data loss. From independent advising to fully managed security services, Digital Hands has the right email security solution for any organization. Key Secure Email Gateway Features

  • Prevention of data loss
  • Protection from email-based or email-related threats
  • Compliance with regulations and processes
  • Reduced spam email