Mobile Device Security Services

Digital Hands Mobile Security

Mobile security is one of the most essential forms of protection that an organization needs today. And no one provides better, more comprehensive, or more effective mobile security solutions than Digital Hands. Our award-winning team of experts works side by side with each of our clients to find the mobile security solutions that will best benefit their organization. Then we implement and manage them. We grow and evolve those solutions over time, to address new threats and new technologies, and make sure that each client always gets the maximum benefit from our services.

We also provide different levels of service to fit the needs and resources of our clients. This includes fully managed security services, to provide comprehensive protection to those without the resources or experience to implement it themselves. It also includes independent advising, for companies who prefer to handle their own mobile security, but need a little advice to keep things on track. And all levels in between. Whatever our clients need, Digital Hands has the knowledge, the experience, and the personnel necessary to deliver the most effective mobile security solutions to any client.

Mobile Security Services

In today’s world of smartphones and tablets, gone are the days when employees were tethered to a desktop in a cubicle for all of their work. Instead, more and more employees are bringing their own devices to work, as well as using them out in the field or from their home. This is great for productivity, but can pose problems for security. Which devices belong on the network and which don’t? Who can be granted access to which information, on which device? And how many of these outside devices bring with them viruses, malware, and other threats that could infect the rest of the network?

Comprehensive mobile security solutions need to be put in place to ensure the safety of the network and data in this mobile world. The most effective solutions integrate a variety of different services into a single, all-encompassing platform. Digital Hands specializes in integrating the top security technologies in the market, and providing our customers a single, unified mobile security solution that keeps each client’s network safe and secure, no matter what devices try to access it.

Whether they’re looking for completely managed security services, basic support, or something in between, Digital Hands has the experience, expertise, and resources necessary to provide effective mobile security solutions to any organization.

Robust Mobile Security Solutions

  • BYOD Network Protection – You can identify and control mobile devices using your network, which prevents, alleviates, and stops the spread of malware
  • Risk Assessment – Digital Hands services allow you to assess your mobile and BYOD policies, identifying areas of potential risk. Where risks are identified, they can be addressed
  • Managed Services – Covers mobile devices and apps to strengthen your BYOD deployments

How Can Your Company Benefit?

  • Identification of vulnerabilities – Vulnerabilities won’t go unnoticed, but instead will be identified and analyzed, allowing you to refine your strategies related to mobile and BYOD
  • Management of risks – You’ll understand and receive guidance on how to address the risks that come with mobility
  • End-to-end protection – Our mobile security solutions will strengthen security across your entire company
  • Our BYOD management service also can wipe clean the memory of mobile devices when reported as lost or stolen, securing your network one step further.