Managed Security Solutions & Services

Digital Hands Managed Security Services Capabilities

In today’s world, comprehensive network security and data and application protection are essential for any organization, regardless of their field. Unfortunately, not all organizations are equipped to implement such protection effectively. Their IT resources are limited, often too thin already, and focusing on security takes personnel away from other important functions.

The solution is Managed Security Services. Outside experts are brought in to implement network security measures, in order to provide the best available protection for the organization’s systems, while freeing up corporate resources to focus on their core company functions. Managed Security Services capabilities include…

  • Security Information and Event Management. SIEM protects sensitive data from outside intruders and tracks all network activity, analyzing for suspicious or unauthorized events.
  • Data Loss Prevention. This detects system potential breaches as they occur and automatically blocks all sensitive data to prevent its leaving the network without authorization.
  • Single Sign On and Identity Management. SSO allows a user complete access to multiple, independent systems with a single login and password, while identity management ensures that information is kept secure, to prevent unauthorized or fraudulent logins.
  • BYOD Management. Rather than having all their work tied to a single computer in an office, many workers today use their own personal devices, such as laptops, smartphones, and tablets, to perform their functions on the go. BYOD management keeps track of every device that accesses the network, to make sure they don’t bring in malware, viruses, or other threats to the system.

These are just a few of the capabilities Digital Hands Managed Security Services offers. With our hands-on approach to network protection, we work directly with our clients to find the most effective security solution to meet their needs.