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Detecting Fraud and Keeping Pace with an Evolving Threat Landscape

There are many compelling cases for outsourcing or out-tasking your managed security services. However, few are more convincing than this: American companies are under attack by cybercrime syndicates, hacktivist groups, and even foreign governments using increasingly sophisticated methods and countless resources. With compliance auditors taking a close look at IT operations, it’s understandable that many IT and security teams are unsure where to focus their limited resources.

The Digital Hands difference

Digital Hands leverages the cloud and provides 24x7x365 Tier 1 through Tier 3 Security Monitoring & Management Services for production environments. The company provides highly flexible suites of services to meet client needs and proactively reduce end user-impacting events. For example, Digital Hands can aid in policy creation, detailed workflow design, incident management, breach response, remediation, and more to provide clients with a complete, custom-tailored cybersecurity solution.

Digital Hands offers comprehensive RSA Web Threat Detection (formerly RSA Silver Tail) product managed services:

  • Project management Services to Ensure Rapid Solution Deployment
  • Real-Time Adaptive Event Monitoring
  • Event and Incident Analysis using web Session Intelligence
  • Customer Notification
  • Forensic Investigation
  • Reporting and Findings Transfer

If you have other RSA products and solutions, feel free to explore our site and CONTACT US with questions or to request a one-on-one conversation.

Some of North America’s largest airlines, telecoms, financial services companies, and hotel chains rely on Digital Hands’ SLA-based managed IT and security services every day because our reliable and predictable support allows clients to focus on core business needs.