Intrusion Detection System Services

Why Do You Need Intrusion Detection?

A firewall is an essential tool in computer security but even the best firewall can sometimes be circumvented, particularly if the threat comes from inside your company. Additionally, your firewall can’t alert you that an intrusion has taken place. You need something that works in tandem with the firewall to monitor the system for breaches and keep you informed with what’s going on in your system.

IDS monitors all activity on your system, finds everything from simple misuses by employees to outright malicious attacks, and lets you know of them immediately. Based on your system’s usual, acceptable activity, IDS allow you to establish a baseline which is personalized to meet your needs. That way, it can recognize when something is going on that is out of the ordinary, and tell the difference between normal behaviors and threats that must be addressed.

IDS Managed Services

Even with IDS, your system isn’t automatically safe. You need IDS Managed Services to ensure your protection. IDS requires:

  • Continuous threat-signature database updates to be effective
  • Available staff who are up-to-date on the latest threats & technology
  • Someone always on duty ready to act the moment a threat is detected

Digital Hands oversees the design and implementation of your IDS while our security personnel analyze global threat information and prior intrusion reports to find patterns in historical data, updating your signature database regularly to account for new information.

Digital Hands has IT security experts on duty 24x7x365 supporting you by monitoring your IDS, receiving, analyzing and taking action on alerts as they happen. Our team’s knowledge maximizes your technology’s potential by adding the necessary skills to act on threats as they occur.

Digital Hands stays in contact with your company. This means not just notifying you when there’s been a problem, but giving you access to our resources and working side-by-side with our security team to show you exactly what’s going on with your systems, both good and bad, helping you get the most from both our services and your investment.

  • What is IDS?

    IDS are like a burglar alarm for your computer system. They monitor your network system by analyzing traffic for potential threats, attacks, or misuse of resources, from either outside of your organization or within it. Once a threat is discovered, it immediately sends an "alarm" -- a report of the suspicious activity -- to your system administrators, alerting them to what's going on so they can deal with the problem.