Intrusion Prevention System Services

Why Do You Need Intrusion Prevention?

An Intrusion Detection System is passive. It can alert you to threats to your network, but it’s up to you to take action to stop them before they can cause harm to your system. Firewall can help in this regard, but it can also be circumvented, particularly if the threat comes from within your organization. IPS, however, works both actively and automatically to eliminate threats. It can work in tandem with both your firewall and your IDS, blocking potentially harmful traffic that’s trying to enter your system before it can cause problems. It monitors all of your network activity, 24/7, and can provide you with a comprehensive log of threats that have been dealt with, to help make the system even safer and more efficient going forward.

IPS Managed Services

IPS is an essential tool in your IT arsenal, but it requires constant attention. This includes:

  • Proper setup and configuration to your specific needs during implementation.
  • Constant monitoring to make sure threats don’t slip in under the radar.
  • Discernment, to tell the difference between a legitimate threat and a “false positive.”

This is why you need managed services: a third party to monitor your system and address potential threats. This third party should also have the resources and expertise to distinguish between good and bad activity, and make sure nothing malicious gets through, no matter when or where the threat arises.

Digital Hands has the resources and expertise necessary to manage your Intrusion Prevention System. We’ll design and implement a system for your specific needs. Then, Digital Hands security personnel will monitor it continuously, analyzing potential threats, cutting off malicious attacks before they do any harm, and updating your signature database regularly to encompass new threats as they evolve. Digital Hands is the human factor, working side by side with you to keep your system secure, without having to dedicate your own IT resources to the task.

  • What is IPS?

    An Intrusion Prevention System is the quickest and most effective way of dealing with IT threats. It monitors network traffic for potential threats to your system. Based on an established set of parameters, it can not only detect potentially harmful activity, but also take action against them automatically, eliminating packets that it deems to be dangerous or malicious and even blocking the IP address from which they originated.