SIEM & Event Log Management Services

The key to strong network security is to be constantly aware of everything that’s going on within the system. It’s essential to know what attempts have been made to enter the system and whether they were legitimate or malicious. Of course, literally watching the system 24x7x365 is often impossible. That’s why Managed Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) and log management are essential security tools.

Automated Monitoring, 24x7x365

Digital Hands managed security services using SIEM can monitor a network automatically, day and night, and create a log of every event that occurs on the system and every attempt that’s made to access it, as well as what was done in response. From those logs, detailed reports can be created for later analysis. If a new type of malicious activity is detected, it can be flagged so in the future, it’s caught and blocked sooner. If, on the other hand, some event or activity was flagged that turned out not to be a threat to the system, it can be noted as well, to avoid future false positives.

Whereas most managed security companies only alert their clients if there’s a problem, Digital Hands provides regular reports based on the logs created, so our clients have a clear idea of how well their security is functioning and what actions should be taken to keep it that way. Digital Hands managed SIEM and log management allows a security system to grow and evolve over time, constantly improving itself to keep the network safer and data and applications more secure.