Intrusion Prevention in Network Security


Digital Hands is the leading intrusion prevention services provider in the network security industry. Working with your firewall and your IPS, we stop the traffic that’s trying to enter your system before it does any harm. Our award-winning team of security experts monitors our clients’ systems around the clock to ensure that threats are eliminated quickly and automatically. This keeps you secure from threats without having to spend staff time handling it.

Over time, we monitor your system and generate reports about threats stopped and attacks attempted, then use this information to grow and evolve the system and better detect further intrusions. It’s also cost effective; we augment firewalls and other security devices to create a single management solution under a single management contract. It’s an investment in your security.



From a full suite of managed security services including comprehensive network support to basic monitoring work, Digital Hands’ team of experts provides the service that each organization needs to keep their network safe against all forms of intrusion.


Digital Hands provides comprehensive managed intrusion prevention solutions through:

  • Flexible and granular control – Every solution identification and responses can be customized to best fit your business needs and guard your information systems against new and emerging threats.
  • IPS Monitoring – Scanning 24x7x365. We’re always on duty, ready to act quickly on any incident without the need for you to increase your headcount
  • Accurate identification of risk – Fewer false positives reduces “noise” and lets legitimate traffic in while keeping threats out
  • Regulatory Compliance – Our managed services can provide information to help satisfy compliance regulations
  • Ongoing support – Configured to fit your business and kept current continually with comprehensive threat signatures to address current threats so you never have to leave your network exposed


Features of Digital Hands Managed IPS service: 

  • Design, Configuration, and Implementation
  • Administration and Tuning
  • 24x7x365 monitoring and operations
  • Upgrades, changes, and patch management
  • Flexible and customized incident response
  • Regular review of existing rules and configurations
  • Regular meetings and reporting to aid in compliance efforts


Expert Intrusion Prevention Security Team

Our security experts have the skills and expertise to:

  • Quickly identify patterns of network misuse from a number of angles
  • Distinguish chance anomalies from actual attacks to avoid false alarms
  • Keep attack signature databases up to date to help prevent future attacks
  • No need for your team to handle on-going intrusion prevention issues