Network Access Control Services

Digital Hands Network Access Control

Digital Hands’ team of network security experts is constantly working to ensure better network access control for our clients. We have the most rigorous and effective network access protocols in the business and can protect an organization’s systems against potential threats.

Our award-winning team works with each organization individually to find the services that will be most effective for their company. We provide fully managed services, implementing comprehensive security measures for increased network access control, but we also provide general network support, and even monitoring services for organizations that prefer to implement their own security solutions. Whatever our clients need, we work with them side by side to find the best solution for them and ensure that they’re getting the most benefit from our services.

Network Access Control Services

Any organization defines the protocols necessary to access their network. This can include everything from anti-virus protection levels to system update protocols, and more. Without these protocols in place, a variety of threats, both passive and active, can enter the system and cause damage.

Proper network access control protocols integrate a variety of different solutions, from firewall to intrusion detection to system authentication, and many others. Digital Hands integrates the best solutions from many different companies, such as McAfee, to establish the most comprehensive protocols and provide the best possible network access control for each organization.

Whether an organization is looking to consult with an expert on their own network access control solutions, or hire a managed services team to implement it for them, Digital Hands provides the tools necessary to keep any organization’s network safe and secure.

Network Access Control Features & Benefits

  • All endpoints are protected
  • Nothing slips through the cracks – every packet from every device is analyzed
  • Security checks are continually performed using the device’s connection
  • If a device is unsecure or non-compliant, it will be automatically detected and isolated
  • Policies are automatically enforced across all devices