Two Factor Authentication Services

Digital Hands Two Factor Authentication

For any network, system, or set of data files, it’s essential to ensure that only properly authorized personnel can have access. This applies to outsiders trying to break into the system, as well as to different levels of security clearance within a particular organization. In either case, a two factor authentication solution is necessary to confirm the identity of each person that requests access to the system or any part thereof.

Digital Hands provides the most rigorous and comprehensive two factor authentication solutions in the industry. We offer managed security services, setting up and monitoring an organization’s two factor authentication system, as well as providing consulting services to advise companies on the best authentication methods to use and the best ways to implement them. Whatever services are required, we work with our clients to find the best solution to meet their needs and ensure that they’re getting the most benefit from everything we do.

Two Factor Authentication Services

Two factor authentication can be as simple as a username and password or debit card and PIN. A user must provide both in order to be able to access their account. That way, if, say, a stray debit card is found, the person finding it can’t access the user’s money without also knowing the password.

Two factor authentication has grown more sophisticated over the years, though, and now many websites use registered mobile phones and other independent factors to verify a user’s identity. Digital Hands has a variety of comprehensive and effective two factor authentication services, such as those from RSA, that allow only authorized personnel to gain access to sensitive data.

From fully managed services to basic monitoring support, Digital Hands’ award-winning team of experts provides the best two factor authentication solutions for any organization’s security needs.

Why choose Digital Hands to protect your mission-critical applications?

Digital Hands provides unparalleled protection of your applications, meaning that you know even the most critical data is in good hands.

Our friendly Customer Care Team interface means you’ll never be without the information you need. Our Security Operations Center was built with the ability to detect threats, offer patching solutions, and meet all your security needs. Digital Hands provides integration with SIEM. Our service is constantly tuning and learning based on individual customer requirements, then implementing that information into both positive and negative security profiles.