Security Financing Solutions

IT Security Financing Solutions

Many organizations are seriously lacking IT security measures. Either their protection isn’t comprehensive enough to be fully effective, or they’ve had the same security system for years, and it’s woefully out of date. Whatever the reason, better IT security is a common and very important business objective.

Updating an organization’s security system thoroughly and ensuring the latest, most comprehensive protection can be prohibitively expensive. Not just in terms of the purchase of software programs and applications, but in terms of the personnel it takes to implement, then operate, these new security measures. Attacks to the system can come at any time of day or night, and having staff on hand to monitor and maintain the system day and night, even on holidays, means hiring additional IT personnel, which is an expense most organizations aren’t prepared for.

IT Security Management Made Easy

However, there is an alternative for financing an IT security overhaul: Digital Hands Managed Security Services. Digital Hands can implement a more comprehensive security system in an organization, monitor, and maintain it 24x7x365 and finance it all under one convenient and affordable contract. This consolidated, monthly solution provides an up to 100% financed Security-as-a-Service with the benefit of a predictable monthly rate, often for far less than the capital cost of deploying a new solution and hiring IT staff to support it.

Digital Hands makes it easy and affordable for organizations to finance the IT security changes they need to keep their solution current and their data and applications safe from attacks. We work side by side with our clients to find the best security solutions to meet their needs, while staying within their budget, and continue to keep in contact with them to make sure they’re always getting the most out of our services. Digital Hands offers the most comprehensive IT security solutions available, for any company and any budget.