Security Solutions – By Industry

Our Solutions – Meeting the Needs of All Industries

Most people tend to think of threats to cyber security as limited to high tech companies with corporate or government secrets to protect. In fact, any organization, large or small, no matter who they are or what they do, is vulnerable to cyber attacks and must protect themselves against outside threats. That’s why Digital Hands offers comprehensive, managed cyber security for industries including:

Education – Digital Hands facilitates the free sharing of information among students and teachers from the elementary level through college, while protecting that information from outside threats.
Financial Services – Any area involving money is important to keep safe from cyber threats. Particularly with ever-changing compliance laws for financial institutions, Digital Hands keeps up to date with the latest security measures.
Healthcare – HIPAA requires any healthcare organization to take deliberate measures to protect the privacy of all patient information, making sure it remains between them and their doctor. Ensuring this requires comprehensive cyber security.
Hospitality – Identity theft is on the rise in hotels, restaurants, and similar establishments. Digital Hands cyber security protects patrons’ credit card information from prying eyes.
Legal – In both civil and criminal situations, Digital Hands protects sensitive information and ensures the sanctity of lawyer-client privilege.
Retail – Digital Hands offers comprehensive protection for retailers to guard customers’ credit card numbers and other financial information and keep them in compliance with PCI DSS.