Security for Education Organizations

Our Solutions – For the Education Industry

The education industry has long supported the free sharing of information among students and teachers, in order to facilitate collaborative learning. The problem with this is that it often leaves colleges, universities, and even grade schools and high schools, vulnerable to cyber attacks. Not only that, but the open network access of college campuses makes them ideal locations for perpetrating cyber attacks on other, outside organizations.

Most educational organizations don’t budget very much, if anything, for cyber security and have a distinct lack of security measures in place. Meanwhile, college campuses are also the largest BYOD organizations in the world. Nearly every student has their own computer, laptop, smartphone, and tablet, leaving their systems vulnerable to all the viruses, malware, and other malicious applications that those devices carry with them.

Digital Hands provides the most comprehensive managed security solutions for educational institutions. They include:

  • Risk Assessment. Helps colleges and universities locate the threats and potential threats in their organization, before formulating the best plan to address and correct them.
  • Security Awareness Education. University campuses are designed for learning, so what better place to educate students, faculty, and staff alike on potential dangers to the system and how to protect themselves in the digital world, not just on campus, but for the rest of their lives?
  • Data Loss Prevention. Keeps sensitive information secure and prevents it from leaving the network.
  • Web Application Firewall. Restricts access to university applications and protects them from outside threats.