Security for Financial Service Institutions

Our Solutions – For the Financial Services Industry

When it comes to managing money and financial information, there’s no such thing as too much security. Whether it’s a large, international bank, a small, local credit union, or something in between, financial institutions have a responsibility to their customers to keep both their information and their assets safe from outside threats.

Financial institutions come under threat from cyber attacks more than any other type of organization. Most finance-based companies have at least some basic form of cyber security in place, but it’s often not comprehensive enough to cover all areas of potential vulnerability.

Digital Hands provides a hands-on approach to financial cyber security, tailoring a plan to fit each organization’s specific needs, implementing those security measures, and constantly monitoring the system, in order to be prepared for any potential situation and keep it protected no matter what the threat may be. Digital Hands financial security solutions include:

  • Penetration Testing. Determines how easy or difficult it is to get through a company’s existing security system, finding vulnerabilities and strengthening them against future threats.
  • Data Loss Prevention. Keeps sensitive information protected and prevents it from being accessed by unauthorized parties.
  • Network Access Control. Monitors all devices connected to the network, including mobile devices, outside laptops, etc., making sure that they conform to all established protocols and don’t introduce malware or other undesirable applications into the system.
  • Web Application Firewall. Shields against external threats and prevents the theft of financial information.