Security for Legal Organizations

Our Solutions – For the Legal Industry

Next to financial institutions, the legal industry is one of the most often targeted for cyber attacks. From big, important law firms to District Attorney and Public Defenders’ offices to police stations and more, legal institutions are vaults for a wealth of sensitive information. And those institutions have a responsibility to keep that information secure.

Comprehensive cyber security is a must for any legal institution. However, most organizations don’t have the resources to enforce security measures effectively themselves. That’s where Digital Hands comes in. Digital Hands managed security services takes a hands-on approach to protecting sensitive legal information, including:

  • Risk Assessment. Digital Hands does a comprehensive analysis of a legal institution’s existing security measures to determine where weaknesses exist, and works with the organization to strengthen those weaknesses and guard against cyber threats.
  • Security Awareness and Education. Even in the most secure system, attacks can be made by exploiting simple negligence. Digital Hands can inform employees how to protect their system more effectively and make sure it isn’t left open to malicious activity.
  • Authentication and Network Access Control. Particularly in law firms, employees rely on their own devices to access the company network, whether in the office or on the go. The more devices brought into the system, the higher its vulnerability. Digital Hands provides strict authentication measures for network access on any device, to ensure users can only access information they’re authorized to have, as well as network access control, which monitors and restricts outside devices to prevent them from bringing in malware.
  • Data Loss Prevention. Digital Hands’ comprehensive network protection closely monitors all sensitive information to keep it from being accessed by unauthorized personnel and to prevent it from leaving the network.