Security for Retail Organizations

Our Solutions – For the Retail Industry

People shop every day using credit and debit cards without giving a second thought to security. This makes retail establishments an ideal target for cyber attackers and identity thieves. Threats against retail stores are on the rise, and the stores have a responsibility to protect against them, in compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). However, most retail stores simply don’t have the resources to design, implement, and enforce the necessary protection against cyber attacks.

Fortunately, Digital Hands provides comprehensive Managed Security Services for companies in the retail industry that aren’t equipped to deal with these issues effectively on their own. Services include:

  • Monitoring and Scanning. Digital Hands monitors retail systems constantly and is immediately alerted to any potential threat or attack, allowing them to cut it off before it can cause additional harm. The system is also constantly being scanned and generates regular reports on how the system has been accessed and what was done about it. This information is then used to enhance the security profile against future threats.
  • Expert Consultation. Unlike other managed security services, which simply call when something is wrong, Digital Hands works side by side with retail clients to make sure they’re getting the best service for their company, and checks in regularly to provide updates on the health of their cyber security solution. Digital Hands experts are also available any time to answer questions or resolve issues.
  • PCI Compliance. Digital Hands not only ensures compliance and provides 24x7x365 support, but works with retail companies to ensure that their security remains regulatory compliant even as standards change and evolve.