Cloud Computing Security

Helping Secure Cloud Systems

Cloud computing is becoming increasingly prevalent in modern business. Data and applications are virtualized, rather than taking up physical memory and space on site, allowing them to be accessed anywhere, from any device. This creates a more fluid and versatile working environment for employees. It also creates a number of security issues.

If data in the cloud can be accessed from anywhere, then it also needs to be protected against unauthorized access, attacks, tampering and misuse, and a host of other threats… from anywhere. The network must be constantly monitored for suspicious activity, so attacks can be blocked before they cause damage.

Automated systems can track network events, but a human being must always be at the ready to be alerted when potential threats are found and determine if they pose any danger. Otherwise, legitimate activity might cause false alarms, while real threats slip in under the radar. Maintaining cloud security effectively takes a lot of time, money, and resources that most companies aren’t equipped to provide.

Fortunately, Digital Hands Managed Security Services keep data and applications secure in the cloud, whether it’s public, private, or hybrid. We monitor and control network activity to prevent attacks while reducing false alarms. We also keep in regular contact with our clients, generating regular reports of network events, in order to help their security solutions grow and evolve over time. Cloud computing doesn’t have to be a security threat. With Digital Hands, data and applications can be made safe no matter where they are.