Data Privacy Security Solutions

Ensure Data Privacy

Every company wants to make sure that all of their data is kept private, away from prying eyes. Every customer also wants to know that the companies with whom they do business keep their data private, so that they don’t become victims of identity theft. From either perspective, data security is an essential issue, as well as, in some cases, a legal mandate.

The problem is that many organizations simply don’t have the resources to ensure the privacy of their own data or their customers’. It takes more than just a good firewall. Reliable data security requires a variety of software tools and applications, from intrusion detection to data loss prevention, all of which must be carefully implemented and constantly monitored. And many IT teams aren’t equipped to implement data privacy measures effectively. Even the ones who are still have a whole host of other duties to deal with in managing the company’s computer systems. Data security is a full time job, and trying to balance it with other responsibilities means nothing gets the attention it requires.

Managed Security for Data Privacy

The solution is Digital Hands managed security services. Our data security experts work with clients to find a solution that fits with their organization and meets all of their needs. We perform a complete analysis of the company’s policies to ensure compliance with all relevant government standards, and regularly test the system for vulnerabilities and other risks. And we keep in regular contact with our clients to advise them on the best ways to keep their system safe, so that their security can evolve and improve over time, rather than becoming outdated and vulnerable. At Digital Hands, we implement the best, most effective solutions to keep sensitive data secure for both our clients and their customers.