Data Security Solutions

Helping to Secure Your Data

Data security is not an option. It is a responsibility to comply with government regulations and standards. The payment card industry is charged with keeping customers’ credit and debit card information from being stolen. Healthcare facilities are required to keep sensitive medical information private between the patient and their doctor. Financial data must be rigorously managed, audited, and reported.

It’s the organization’s responsibility to keep this information secure. In many cases, it’s government mandated that they adhere to certain rigorous standards of data privacy and security. If any of these types of data were to be intercepted by unauthorized parties, it could cause a tremendous amount of damage for both the organization and the individual.

Latest & Most Comprehensive Data Security Solutions

Implementing data security is not an easy task, particularly when in conjunction with issues of compliance. Government standards are constantly changing, which makes it difficult to remain current. Additionally, data thieves are becoming increasingly sophisticated, so security measures need to be constantly evolving as well. Many companies rely on outdated or obsolete security software, because they don’t have the resources or the expertise to implement the protection they need.

Digital Hands Managed Security Services help companies maintain the latest and most comprehensive data security solutions to meet their needs. We ensure compliance with all government regulations and perform regular risk assessment and penetration testing to locate network vulnerabilities and strengthen them. Our security experts work with clients to implement the most effective security solutions for their needs, and ensure that their data is protected from all types of threats and attacks.