Mobile Security Solutions

Helping to Secure Mobile IT Systems

Workplace flexibility is convenient for employees, but it can be disastrous for the company if proper security measures aren’t implemented. With a variety of devices all connecting to the network, each with their own systems and their own history, there’s no telling what they may bring to the network with them, including malware, viruses, and more. And without a detailed list of every device that’s being used on the network, someone could use a mobile device to obtain unauthorized access to a company’s systems and steal sensitive data or they could obtain an unsecure employee device to gain access to confidential emails or documents.

Keeping IT systems secure in a mobile world is a difficult task. However, Digital Hands is adept at maintaining control of mobile devices on a network. We can track all attempts to access the network and determine whether or not they’re authorized. We can prevent corrupt files from entering the system and keep important data from leaving the system without authorization. Digital Hands is the most comprehensive and effective solution for IT security in a mobile world.