Network Security Solutions

Helping Secure Your Network

Network security is a huge concern among many organizations. There are any number of threats to the network that must be prevented, including viruses and malware, data theft, and more. Especially in a BYOD world, it’s essential to monitor the network at all times to see who’s trying to access it, what they’re trying to do, and whether or not they have proper authorization.

If network security is too lax, the system is vulnerable to attack. But if security is too strict, then legitimate network activity can be labeled as suspicious and generate false positives, which waste a company’s time and resources. In order to get the right balance, it’s essential to monitor the network at all times, 24x7x365, and create a log of all activity, both authorized and unauthorized. This log can then be used to strengthen the system, detecting new threats and dealing with them before they cause problems, and recognizing legitimate activity that might otherwise create a false positive.

This monitoring and reporting takes a lot of time and resources away from an organization’s IT team and can be expensive to implement. In addition, many companies don’t have the expertise at their disposal to implement such solutions effectively, resulting in sub-par network security. That’s why Digital Hands Managed Security Services are the best option for securing a network against threats and intruders. We continually monitor network activity and generate regular reports to help improve security and ensure our clients have the best available protection, without spending all the extra time and money.