Digital Hands Security Posture Assessment

Regardless of how much you invest in cybersecurity tools, your organization is a 24/7 target for bad actors. With the proliferation of threats such as ransomware, an attack on your organization is inevitable.

Proactive measures are essential. Don't let your organization become a cautionary tale. Take the first step towards robust cybersecurity by opting for our comprehensive Breach and Attack Assessment.


United Front in Cybersecurity: Digital Hands' Integrated Approach

Explore how Digital Hands champions a cohesive cybersecurity strategy, blending business acumen, technical expertise, and operational excellence for unmatched security solutions.

Digital Hands executives—CEO Charlotte Baker, CTO Jason Allen, and VP of Security Operations Dewayne Nelon—discussing the synergy between business operations, technology, and cybersecurity. They emphasize the importance of a unified strategy, continuous communication, and leveraging automation for proactive security.


5 Must-Do Actions to Boost Your Cybersecurity Posture

Get our free guide on how you can avoid rookie mistakes by leveling up your cybersecurity posture.


Simplify Your Cybersecurity Strategy with Expert Insights

Discover essential steps for a robust security program and learn how to effectively protect your organization with Digital Hands' expertise. The conversation between Shira Rubinoff and Dewayne Alford, VP of Security Operations at Digital Hands, focuses on the challenges and strategies in effective security programs.

Pioneering Proactive Cybersecurity

Explore the shift towards predictive cybersecurity and tailored solutions with Charlotte Baker, CEO of Digital Hands, as she delves into the evolving cybersecurity landscape, emphasizing the shift from reactive response to proactive prevention and predictive capabilities. 

Protecting Your Intellectual Property

Shira Rubinoff is joined by Digital Hands' Chief Technology Officer, Jason Allen, to uncover critical strategies to safeguard your business's intellectual property in the ever-evolving cybersecurity landscape.


Here’s what Digital Hands can do for your security posture


Understand Your Exposure

Gain insights into how much exposure your organization has from its digital footprint, data, and systems.


Eliminate Uncertainty

Take away the assumptions about the effectiveness of your security controls and policies — so you don’t have to figure it out under the pressure and stress of a real attack.


Actionable Guidance

Actionable steps you can take to mitigate any discovered deficiencies such as optimizing your tooling or fine-tuning policies and procedures.


Access to Resources

Additional expertise and tactical tools, including ongoing services to help you protect and defend your mission-critical data and systems.


Answers to a few common questions

What do I get from a security posture assessment?

Digital Hands provides a cost-effective, no-obligation, proactive security posture assessment that evaluates the effectiveness of your network and endpoint controls. You also have the option of validating your SIEM and email efficacy. 

What is included in the network and endpoints validation?

During this phase, we test the efficacy of your endpoint protection products against today’s threats. Network propagation is performed in a safe, benign manner that doesn’t affect your production systems or disrupt your business.
 We start by testing your firewall and intrusion prevention/intrusion detection systems (IPS/IDS) to identify vulnerable endpoints and configurations, then assess the effectiveness of your endpoint detection and response (EDR) technology.  

This process shows you whether your solutions detected the threat and allowed lateral movement and privilege escalation, as well as allowed action on objectives such as ransomware installation or data exfiltration. 

What is included in the SIEM and email gateway validation?

If you choose this option, we will test the efficacy of your SIEM and email gateway. We will validate how well your SIEM policies are working, whether the SIEM is generating the proper alerts, and how effectively your email gateway is blocking malicious emails that could result in malware infections. 

How do I get started?

Contact your Digital Hands account representative or contact our sales team today. 


What our customers say

“Digital Hands is an essential part of our team. They provide world-class customer services and they have all the skills that we need to complete our security team.”

"Intelligent, dedicated cybersecurity professionals who deeply care and act as an extension of your team. The best of the best."

“Digital Hands has been one of the best vendors I have ever worked with. The engineers assigned to our account are rock stars and are always willing and able to assist whenever needed.”

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