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Ransomware Attack

Major Auto Dealer Group Overcomes Severe Ransomware Attack.

Picture this ... you’re a thriving automotive group with more than a dozen dealerships across central Florida. You’re independently owned and operated, and part of a select group of dealers that’s been in business for over 100 years.
But, you’ve just had a major ransomware incident that could cost you millions in lost revenue. Moving to the cloud and going paperless has greatly improved your customer experience, but without new controls, training, and protections in place, the attack has crippled your business. You haven’t been able to sell a single car in almost two weeks.
So, you turn to Digital Hands. We help you decrypt your decryption key – and the hidden ransomware embedded within it – preventing a repeat offense. Then we help you implement the proper anti-malware software and employee cyber awareness training so you’ll never become a target again.
Now, in a matter of days, you’re back to business as usual. Your systems have been upgraded with safer, faster tech to prevent future exposures. And, with new controls and industry best practices in place, you can give customers a paperless car-buying experience knowing all their data will be safe. That’s what you get with an MSSP that helps you get there first.

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