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Ransomware Attack


Digital Hands returned an automotive group who had been rendered inoperable by a cyber attack to normal operations within days and secured them from a consequent attack one week later.  


Digital Hands received the call from a regional automotive dealership group that was fully breached and inoperable. They had fallen victim to a ransomware attack and had paid the ransom. They had lost all ability to operate their business and had to return to a paper-based system for servicing their customers. 


The Digital Hands team was deployed onsite within hours. Working with their local MSP, we were able to recreate the environment and return to normal operation within a week. In the process of decrypting their data we found additional ransomware and were able to decrypt, cleanse and harden their new environment to eliminate the possibility of a repeat attack. This new security posture, paired with our continuous monitoring and maintenance of the environment, enabled us to catch and quarantine a new breach a week later with no impact on the business or customer.

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