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Cyguard Advanced Endpoint Security

CyGuard™ Advanced Endpoint Security

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Digital Hands Cyguard Advanced Endpoint Security helps organizations secure their endpoints in an increasingly complex environment where different kinds of endpoints (mobile, IoT, and cloud) are connected to their enterprise IT ecosystem. Because the cybersecurity landscape is rapidly evolving and cyber threats consistently become more sophisticated, it can be difficult to ensure good security across all of the endpoints in your business. To further increase the scale of the challenge, many organizations lack the necessary skills and expertise to manage their endpoint security in-house. This is where Digital Hands can help.

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The endpoint is now considered to be the new perimeter and the weakest link in your IT security. Endpoints are increasingly being targeted by cybercriminals with ransomware who know that poorly protected endpoints are vulnerable to ransomware attacks. A rapidly growing remote workforce that connects to your IT infrastructure from outside of the corporate firewall and beyond the control of your IT department makes your endpoints easier to exploit with ransomware than ever before. 

Our experienced managed endpoint security service teams understand that modern cyberattacks require more than traditional protection that antivirus provides. Digital Hands works hard to protect your endpoints against a wide range of cyberthreats from zero-day exploits, to ransomware, to advanced targeted attacks. Our managed endpoint security solution can protect any endpoint including mobile devices and Windows, macOS, and Linux systems.


Managed Endpoint Security

Maintain a proactive endpoint cybersecurity posture through monitoring, threat intelligence, management, and regular updates are driven by our deeply experienced trained cybersecurity analysts and next-generation endpoint security.


Security for Every Kind Of Endpoint

Our managed endpoint security service extends cyber threat protection to Windows, macOS, and Linux systems delivering effective security across your entire endpoint estate and protecting it from all known cyberthreats.


Level Up From Traditional Antivirus

By leveraging our advanced endpoint security detection and response technologies, we make it easy to quickly find and remediate cyberthreats, zero-days, ransomware, and other advanced attacks on your endpoints.


Prevent Data Loss Through Your Endpoints

Protect your endpoints leaking your sensitive business data from inadvertent or malicious misuse or loss by letting our managed endpoint security professionals secure every kind of endpoint on your network.


Endpoint Threat Response

The Cyguard advanced endpoint security service can detect and immediately respond to ransomware faster than it takes a human to respond, containing and stopping the spread before it can cause damage.


Endpoint Threat Detection & Response

Digital Hands advanced threat detection and response technologies enable the rapid discovery of cyberthreats on your endpoints, isolation of the threats, and the fast remediation before they become a real problem.


24/7 Endpoint Security Monitoring

Any endpoint protected by our managed endpoint security service is monitored 24/7 for malware, ransomware, malicious processes, and brute force attacks that could negatively impact your business.

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CyGuard™ Cybersecurity Solutions

CyGuard™ SIEM

CyGuard™ SIEM serves as your eyes and ears, watching over your entire security environment and rapidly alerting you to threats you may have never seen before.

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CyGuard™ Discovery

CyGuard™ Discovery proactively verifies whether a network has been compromised by quickly identifying the presence of malware and persistent threats in the environment.

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