Block phishing and ransomware infections from ever reaching your user’s inbox and collaboration environments as opposed to retrospectively “pulling them out” like legacy solutions.

The mass use of cloud collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams and Slack has created an increase in unprotected entry points into organizations. It is crucial to protect your organization from cloud-delivered malware that can be hidden in cloud-based URL and file storage.

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While platforms such as Microsoft Office Suite and Google Workspace include basic email security capabilities, they still miss a large number of advanced attacks. This is due to legacy Security Email Gateways (SEGs) being limited by the period of time and scope of email they can analyze as they were designed for a previous era and a different email delivery architecture.

Check out the sample customer report below to see what the output looks like and what your legacy solution could be missing.


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Supported platforms:


What’s included?

Machine Learning for advanced threats that builds custom threat profiles and detects unusual email/login behavior.

Patented technology designed from the ground up to be embedded in the email cloud infrastructure.

Solution is implemented at the API level so no risky changes to DNS MX records are required.

File and URL Malware protection for cloud storage and collaboration tools.

Shadow IT capability detects users accessing cloud applications not authorized for company use.

Rapid Service Onboarding installs in minutes

DNS configuration recommendations related to SPF/DKIM/DMARC records.

Remote technical support, platform administration, and policy management.

Triage and remediation of reported email anomalies and user-reported malicious emails.

Eliminates phishing emails before reaching a user’s inbox.

24/7 proactive protection of email and collaboration tool environments where legacy solutions fall short.

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