Combat Modern Threats at the Scale and Speed of Google.

Digital Transformation initiatives have increased the organizational attack surface- creating more data, security blindspots, and vulnerabilities than ever before. The ability to manage this ever growing threat surface by ingesting massive data at speed is here with CyGuard® Cloud SIEM powered by Google Chronicle and CyGuard Maestro.

CyGuard® Cloud SIEM is powerful, scalable, and cost-effective. Get ahead of every threat. Get There First™.

The Standard of Security Monitoring

10X your security results without 10X the investment with Digital Hands Expertise

24x7x365 US-based SOC Monitoring

330+ Comprehensive Data Source Support

Rule Detection with MITRE ATT&CK Framework Mapping

Advanced Cyber Threat Detection

Superior Threat Intelligence

12 Month Log Retention standard

Rapid Service Deployment

Improved Compliance Reporting

Log Searches at Machine Speed

Threat Hunting Capabilities

Unprecedented Scale, Speed, and Coverage



Ingest, analyze, and store petabytes of data without typical storage and speed barriers



Hunt for threats 90% faster than traditional SOC tools with CyGuard Maestro™ automation and Google Speed



Secure your cloud and on-premise sources, modern and legacy tools, systems and applications

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A large library of over 330 Data Sources, strong telemetry via our platforms, and sophisticated Digital Hands Harbinger Threat Intelligence integration.

Your organization will be empowered to efficiently process massive amounts of data and quickly identify security threats.


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CyGuard® Cloud SIEM is Cloud-Native and provides options for full security monitoring and for retention-only services. With Petabyte Scale, no amount of data is too much.
Context-aware detections go beyond simple SIEM rules and provide threat prioritization and faster responses.
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MITRE ATT&CK based content integrated into CyGuard Maestro™ dramatically speeds up the incident response time. CyGuard® Cloud SIEM enables a modern approach to threat detection and response along with rapid deployment time.

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“Our partnership with Digital Hands was not by chance. We were impressed with their deep cyber expertise, focus on security outcomes in addition to innovative technology, and their vision of the SOC of the future”

-Sunil Potti, Google Cloud Security VP/GM

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How does it work?

CyGuard® Cloud SIEM works autonomously alongside CyGuard Maestro™ and Harbinger.

Your organization will have the advantage of limitless visibility and automated alert and data gathering while remaining protected 24x7x365.


CyGuard Maestro™


CyGuard Maestro™ is the centerpiece of our composable security model and the beating heart of our security operations platforms. We’ve designed world-class cybersecurity automation to connect each piece and every network in any cybersecurity ecosystem.

CyGuard Maestro™ dramatically speeds up our incident response time and orchestrates our response team and resources, which lets us ruthlessly mitigate cyber threats before they begin to represent a real problem.

CyGuard Maestro Integrations

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Harbinger Threat Intelligence

Harbinger is a highly evolved multi-source threat intelligence engine built by Digital Hands. We use premium, ISAC, and open sources to curate the latest and most advanced threat intel which auto integrates into our SIEM services through CyGuard Maestro™.

Harbinger is included in all Digital Hands CyGuard® services enabling your organization to stay ahead of every threat.

Already have your own SIEM and need a Managed SIEM Solution?

Our Managed SIEM solution uses CyGuard Maestro™ integrations to provide a single interface for our analysts to investigate, contain, and respond quickly to identified threats.

Managed support includes Securonix, FortiSIEM, Alienvault, Splunk, QRadar, and more.

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