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CyGuard™ Discovery

A Robust Solution to Verify Malware & Persistent Threats.

Malware often dwells on your End Points for weeks or months, waiting patiently before executing and unleashing havoc on your company. With constantly changing threats and many teams operating at full internal capacity, it may be difficult to understand when your End Points become compromised. CyGuard™ Discovery proactively verifies whether there has been compromised by quickly identifying the presence of malware and persistent threats in the environment.

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Discovery Features & Benefits

All-in-One Turnkey Solution

Comprehensive Malware Analysis

Precise Reporting & Recommendations

Access to Leading Experts

Identify Evasive Threats

Deep Insight into Organizational Threats

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CyGuard™ Cybersecurity Solutions

CyGuard Advanced Endpoint Protection

In-house IT teams spend huge resources monitoring security systems. By leveraging our world-class systems, you significantly reduce costs.

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CyGuard™ SIEM

CyGuard™ SIEM serves as your eyes and ears, watching over your entire security environment and rapidly alerting you to threats you may have never seen before.

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