Maestro Detects Faster to Respond Faster


Discover the unparalleled power of CyGuard Maestro, the technology that drives our industry-leading composable security model. With its cloud-based architecture, Maestro provides lightning-fast alert correlation and enrichment, giving our expert analysts the tools they need to make informed decisions at machine speed.

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Our optional, fully automated response capabilities mean that threats are neutralized in seconds - giving you an unbeatable security advantage. No more waiting hours or days to address security concerns - with Maestro, we respond to threats immediately.

Maestro is more than just a SOAR platform. It's a continuously evolving suite of specialized tools developed exclusively by our team of expert software engineers and security professionals. These tools are designed to solve real-world cybersecurity challenges and protect your organization from the most sophisticated threats.

Don't settle for anything less than the best. Choose CyGuard Maestro and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with having the most powerful, cutting-edge security technology working for you.

The engine that powers everything CyGuard®

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Endless Automation Capability

World-class automation to connect and protect each piece of your ecosystem. Threats are identified and actioned within seconds instead of hours.

Lets Talk SOC

24x7x365 SOC Monitoring

Our SOC analysts provide support when you need it most with the resources to monitor, analyze, and defend your network against any kind of cyber attack.

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Harbinger Threat Intelligence

Harbinger feeds into CyGuard Maestro™, empowering our SOC analysts to make rapid response decisions with the latest threat intelligence at their fingertips.

Rule Detection with MITRE ATT&CK Framework Mapping

We use ATT&CK mappings to develop adversary profiles, conduct activity trend analyses, and incorporate them into reporting for detection, response, and mitigation purposes.

Flexible with 300+ Integrations

We’ve designed world-class automation to connect each piece and every network in your cybersecurity ecosystem.
CyGuard Maestro integrates with everything and we are continuously adding new capabilities to dramatically speed up incident response time and orchestrate our response team to ruthlessly mitigate cyber threats before they become a problem.
CyGuard Maestro™ Integrations