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CyGuard™ is a comprehensive cybersecurity solution platform designed to bring together analysis, threat intelligence and business context.

A Single Cybersecurity Solution for Full Protection

Continuous monitoring paired with a threat intelligence and business context-driven approach enable us to predict and identify credible threats and drive rapid response to resolve and eliminate them. Once we identify malicious activity, our Incident Response team can isolate infected systems to quickly stop the spread of malware and ransomware.

True Visibility

A single, streamlined portal where we monitor trends and patterns to analyze and identify threats.

Advanced Analysis

An advanced analysis engine to quickly identify real threats to your business.

Threat Intelligence

Cross-correlation intelligence from public and private threat information sources.

Intuitive Awareness

Specific and advanced awareness techniques to ensure we have a deep understanding of your business.

Security Operations

We monitor your environment 24/7 to ensure your business can rapidly identify, address and remediate threats.

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CyGuard™ Cyber Solutions

CyGuard™ SIEM

CyGuard™ SIEM serves as your eyes and ears, watching over your entire security environment and rapidly alerting you to threats you may have never seen before.

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CyGuard Advanced Endpoint Protection

In-house IT teams spend huge resources monitoring security systems. By leveraging our world-class systems, you significantly reduce costs.

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CyGuard™ Discovery

CyGuard™ Discovery proactively verifies whether a network has been compromised by quickly identifying the presence of malware and persistent threats in the environment.

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