Enterprise security teams face an onslaught of rapidly evolving threats.

Digital Hands’ CyGuard® EDR delivers superior threat detection and ruthlessly effective response.

Safeguard your organization with AI-based protection and autonomous response at machine speed. Get there first with the only solution powered by CyGuard Maestro and backed by Digital Hands' security analysts.

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  • Highly Adaptable Security Solutions

  • Reduced Response Time and Resources

  • Rapid Deployment and Implementation

  • Increased Protection From Future Attacks

  • Complete Root-Cause Visibility


  • CyGuard Maestro™ Powered Real-Time Detection and Response - Repels complex threats without human involvement

  • Multi-source High-Confidence Threat Intelligence - Combines proprietary sources and leading
    third party data for deep insights

  • Algorithmic Learning - Adapts guided response to malware and ransomware

  • Device Control - Locks down USB or external hard drive usage

  • Zero Day Countermeasures - Neutralizes novel malware by reverting a system to its original state within moments of detection

  • Network Isolation at Machine Speed - Quarantines affected regions to minimize service interruptions

  • Continuous Threat Hunting - Empowers SOC resources with automated rules for proactive hunting

  • Cloud-Based Analytics - Diagnoses endpoint health and real-time threat levels

  • Application Control - Protects your infrastructure by regulating software installations

  • Automatic Rogue System Detection - Immediately isolate communications from affected networks. Deploys CyGuard® EDR without third-party remote software management platforms


How it works

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CyGuard Maestro™

Digital Hands CyGuard Maestro™ is the centerpiece of our composable security model and the beating heart of our security operations platforms. We’ve designed world-class cybersecurity automation to connect each piece and every network in any cybersecurity ecosystem. CyGuard Maestro™ dramatically speeds up our incident response time and orchestrates our response team and resources, which lets us ruthlessly mitigate cyber threats before they begin to represent a real problem.
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