To build an In-House Security Operations Center (SOC) or partner with a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) ?

With an alarming number of attacks targeting your organization each day, making the right decision on where to place your security is crucial to protecting your network, sensitive data, and reputation. To ensure your cybersecurity needs are fulfilled, we've laid out what to know before investing in a security operations center.

We'll Dive Into:

The reality of building an In- House SOC to accomplish your cybersecurity needs

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How you can bolster your cybersecurity posture

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A quick SOC stand-up comparison

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The Reality of Building an In-House SOC

Building an in-house security operations center requires fusing the right people, processes, and technologies to ensure you get ahead of every threat.

Finding, training, and retaining the talent you need for an effective SOC against the backdrop of a global cyber skills shortage is a growing challenge.

It can often take months to source, interview, hire, and onboard security experts before beginning to achieve adequate coverage.

Without the right people, your security operations center cannot be effective and your costly technology investments cannot reach their full potential.

Your SOC must be able to effectively respond to a range of incidents, adapt to different scenarios, and quickly pivot when necessary to successfully remediate threats.

Doing so efficiently requires mature processes and procedures which take time to implement and seasoned talent to maintain.

But, a competitive job market means there is high turnover, so developing and maintaining mature processes is increasingly difficult as cyber experts move from job to job for more responsibilities and higher salaries. 


Standing up a SOC not only requires talented security experts and mature processes, but also significant software and hardware infrastructure investments.

Your technologies are crucial as they ensure you maintain visibility over your networks, gather data from across your environments, analyze that data so that alerts are triaged and prioritized for your analysts, and automate responses to the more menial aspects of SOC management.

However, while technologies can be force multipliers and enablers, they are not a full solution alone.

Good technology needs good people capable of tuning and refining them, and utilizing best practices to back them up.


Here's What You're Up Against

3.5 Million 

projected unfilled cybersecurity jobs by 20251

265 Billion

projected cost of ransomware attacks by 20312


alerts for a SOC to investigate per day on average3

Bolster your Cybersecurity Posture

A SOC is the backbone of any cybersecurity team. Bolster your security posture with Digital Hands' SOC-as-a-Service

Building internal SOC capability can quickly become costly and consume an inordinate amount of resources when hiring the right people to trust your security with. You can avoid that by leveraging Digital Hands' SOC-as-a-Service.

You'll have access to industry-leading 24x7x365 US-Based SOC experts, deeply experienced in an array of technologies, and able to proactively hunt down your threats before the bad guys.

We handle and interpret all the data from your endpoints and network servers by leveraging our proprietary CyGuard Maestro  platform and SIEM in the background. 

This allows our SOCs to cut through the noise, eliminate false positives, and deliver your organization security at machine speed when you need it most.

SOC analyst

A Quick SOC Stand-Up Comparison

In-House SOC

  • You need to employ a minimum of 8 24x7x365 SOC experts

  • Average security analyst costs over $100K per year4

  • Threat Intel feeds alone can cost $120K per year

  • Steep technological investments without immediate value

  • Advanced security automation tools that require development talent

Digital Hands SOC

  • Immediate access to 24x7x365 US-Based security operations experts

  • Powerful automation with CyGuard Maestro

  • Harbinger Threat Intelligence embedded within our solutions

  • Compliance with the industry's highest standards

  • Unlocked value of your current security investments through our composable security model

Get Ahead of Every Threat


SOC-as-a-Service (1)

Digital Hands' 24x7x365 SOCs provide coverage when you need it most with the resources to prevent, detect, and respond to any kind of cyber attack. Achieve compliance, prevent data loss, and get ahead of every threat with our SOC-as-a-Service.

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Cloud SIEM

CyGuard® Cloud SIEM Blog Post

Digital Transformation initiatives have increased the organizational attack surface- creating more data, security blindspots, and vulnerabilities than ever before. The ability to manage this ever growing threat surface by ingesting massive data at speed is here with CyGuard® Cloud SIEM powered by Google Chronicle and CyGuard Maestro™.

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Endpoint Detection Response

EDR (4)

Safeguard your organization with AI-Based protection and autonomous response at machine speed. While enterprise security teams face an onslaught of rapidly evolving threats, CyGuard® EDR delivers superior threat detection and a ruthlessly effective response. Get There First™ with the only EDR solution powered by SentinelOne, CyGuard Maestro™, and backed by our security analysts.

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Cloud Collab and Email Security

CCES (1)

Safeguard your organization with eliminated phishing emails before they reach your employee's inbox, protection from cloud-delivered malware, and machine learning that builds custom threat profiles to detect any unusual behavior. 

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Navigating the world of Compliance? We can help.

Whether you're tackling financial, compliance, or contractual risk, we've got you covered. With end-to-end GRC consulting services customized to your unique requirements, you can achieve compliance and peace of mind knowing your cyber world is secured.

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Get There First with a Top 50 MSSP


As a new kind of MSSP, Digital Hands is how organizations are getting ahead of the bad guys in a world where compliance alone is no guarantee of protection. Too many companies invest in cybersecurity solutions, follow the recommendations, achieve compliance … and then still get breached. You’ve got to get to your exposures before the bad guys do.


To Get There First, you need a way to:

Top 250 MSSP-DH-44

#1 See More – because you’re working with an innovative partner who’s seen it all before and can see what’s coming next.

#2 Flex more – because you have a composable security model that lets you adapt to changing needs and evolving threats without having to rip and replace.

#3 Do more – because you have the technology and services that not only tell you what’s happening now, but what to do about it, and how to prevent it from happening again.

1 Cybersecurity jobs report: 3.5 million openings through 2025; Global Tech Council
2 Global Ransomware Damage Costs Predicted to Exceed $265 Billion by 2031; CyberCrime Magazine
3 Security Analysts are Only Human; DarkReading 
4 Information Security Analysts Salary; US Bureau of Labor Statistics

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