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An Intelligence-Led Approach To Managed Detection & Response (MDR)

A Managed Detection and Response service can dramatically reduce the dwell time of attacks on your endpoints and within your network, accelerate the time it takes to investigate incidents, and respond to unauthorized access and infiltrations. 

Our managed detection and response service is geared toward organizations who want to want to expand their security posture beyond perimeter security and enhance their ability to detect threats, respond, and monitor networks and endpoints. Digital Hands understands that many organizations currently lack the internal cybersecurity manpower, resources, and specific expertise to accomplish that goal and properly hunt for threats on their infrastructure.

The managed detection and response service leverages people, process, and technology to proactively hunt for threats in your environment and quickly respond upon detection.

With the ever-increasing number of laptops, desktops, and devices in modern IT infrastructures, unauthorized intruders have lots of options when choosing entry points into your networks. The challenge is to set up a dedicated threat hunting team to properly and persistently monitor those entry points for breaches and this is where Digital Hands can help.

We leverage a dedicated SOC, staffed with highly skilled and deeply experienced security experts to provide you with a threat monitoring capability, one which is driven by our own proprietary technology. This ensures that unauthorized intruders have nowhere to hide on your networks. 

Our MDR team provides incident response and remediation services an organization needs to stop unauthorized activity dead in its tracks. We take an intelligence-led approach to MDR that goes beyond the threat detection services that a traditional MSSP can offer. Digital Hands provides full-spectrum cybersecurity orchestration across cloud, servers, networks, and endpoints.


Intelligence-Led Detection

Our managed detection and response service provides 24/7/365 threat detection and analysis, led by best-in-class threat intelligence and executed by our experienced cybersecurity professionals.


Advanced Endpoint Protection

Our MDR service provides advanced endpoint protection and is built from the ground up to help your business strengthen your endpoint cybersecurity posture, find attackers, and stay ahead of emerging threats.


Full Spectrum Monitoring

The more complex your network, IT, and cloud infrastructure is, the more vulnerability points exist in your environment. Our managed detection and response service provides 360° visibility, monitoring, alerting, and response.


Human Led Analysis

Once a detected threat is correlated and prioritized, our deeply experienced MDR team will investigate the origin and scope of the attack and perform a detailed analysis of the threat as they remediate it.


Dramatically Reduce Dwell Time

Stealth attacks can hide for over a year before triggering an alert. With Digital Hands’ managed detection and response service, you can proactively hunt down unauthorized intruders in your network before they can move laterally.


Leverage World-Class Threat Intelligence

Digital Hands obtains the latest threat data from a wide range of sources globally to provide our customers with world-class threat intelligence that we use to protect them in a proactive and intelligence-led manner.

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