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Maximize Your SIEM Investment While Force Multiplying Your Efforts

Digital Hands’ managed SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) service provides enhanced threat detection capabilities in the face of a rapidly evolving threat landscape. We deliver constant threat monitoring of security events inside your networks to dramatically improve your overall cybersecurity posture. 

Digital Hand’s Managed SIEM service can provide you with our proprietary SIEM technology, or manage your own SIEM platform to aggregate and analyze alert event information from your servers, endpoints, IT systems, and even your applications. We can detect potentially malicious activity inside your corporate networks and form the cornerstone of a solid defense strategy.

Our managed SIEM service can manage cloud-based and on-premise SIEM platforms with the ability to create and define SIEM rules specific to your operational requirements and specific IT context. These rules help us to aggregate and analyze security threats and events to ensure that our cybersecurity professionals focus on the risks which have the highest potential impact on your business’s operational security. 

A constant stream of event alerts from a range of different devices on your networks can become a perpetual problem for any security team. It can also lead to essential warnings going unseen. When you throw a high number of false positives into the mix, alert fatigue can become a real problem, and this is where Digital Hands can help. 

Digital Hands provides your business with the technology and people that enable you to get the most out of your SIEM investment. Our cybersecurity professionals work as an extension of your team to level up your threat detection and response capabilities.


Your SIEM or Ours

Digital Hands takes a platform-agnostic approach to SIEM management. That means we support a wide range of SIEM platforms and work with you to tailor a management plan to your specific needs.


US Based Professionals

Our security operations team is based in the US, so Americans handle the deployment, configuration, and ongoing management of your SIEM. We do not outsource any element of our service overseas.


Enhanced Threat Detection

Our deeply experienced cybersecurity professionals are highly skilled at working with different SIEM platforms and possess the knowledge necessary to detect and respond to current and emerging threats.


Support Compliance Efforts

Persistent security monitoring is a hard requirement for many different compliance regulations. Our managed SIEM service supports your compliance efforts with constant protection.


Force Multiply Your Team

Let our team analyze and triage the alerts generated by your SIEM so your team can focus on strengthening the rest of your cybersecurity posture and force multiply their efforts.


Access To Expertise

Digital Hands employs a deeply experienced team of cybersecurity professionals who can collaborate with your team to analyze your security logs, investigate incidents, and provide threat detection services.

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