An Integrated, and Automated Solution for Total Visibility and Response

Digital Hands CyGuard® SecureShield offers your organization a “Cybersecurity-as-a-service” solution at an affordable price. Imagine your technology stack and modern security tools integrated for seamless data exchange, correlated analysis, and machine speed response.

Digital Hands CyGuard® SecureShield is powered by our Get There First™ security methodology and tailors to the high-impact areas of attack by cybercriminals.

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Get There First with CyGuard® SecureShield™.

There is no other cybersecurity solution on the market that will give you this level of protection, flexibility, and speed at a competitive price.
Protect your Business. Protect your Bottom Line.


Our 24x7x365 eyes on glass Security Operations Center (SOC) monitors your endpoints and perimeters while also logging the included data sources for long-term forensics and correlation. Our response time is unparalleled with automated threat blocking through operationalized threat intelligence integrated into our response platform. You will also have access to our 24x7x365 SOC professionals including security engineers, analysts, and first responders.

By bundling the technology stack and security operations professionals there is no need for investments in tools or personnel. Additional value includes log storage for compliance, curated threat intelligence, virtual CISO services, and reporting visibility


  • 24x7x365 eyes on glass from our security professionals on your endpoints
  • 24x7x365 eyes on glass from our security professionals on your perimeter which is on and off ramp for cloud, and core data sources
  • Core data sources logging to your SIEM for a long-term forensics look and correlation


  • Host Isolation, Password Reset, and Disabling of User accounts
  • Proactive Threat Blocking at the Perimeter
  • Quarantine of an infected endpoint or server
  • Rollback Feature
  • Response time in 30 minutes or less on critical priorities
  • 24x7x365 access to Security Engineers, Analysts, and First Responders


  • Long term storage to meet compliance
  • Curated threat intelligence overlayed to malicious attempts on your organization
  • No need for tool investments in endpoint, SIEM, or storage
  • Virtual CISO services for security advisory services
  • Reporting visibility

A Modern Approach To Extended Threat Detection and Response

CyGuard® SecureShield supports diverse vendors including your legacy investments and the latest innovative security stacks. . Digital Hands CyGuard Maestro powers this comprehensive solution to provide end-to-end visibility and response.

Our Detection stack provides blended Response and logging capabilities which provide both security and compliance solutions using unified data ingestion and analytics. Digital Hands Harbinger Threat intelligence uses the latest security content, threat intel, and known security information flaws to protect your security ecosystem.

With seamless automation and endless visibility, Digital Hands promises to Get There First with CyGuard® SecureShield.

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Detection powered by Google Chronicle

Deep monitoring and detection of IOCs and threats via key elements within your environment
  • Firewalls, IDS, UTM, network devices
  • Endpoint Detection Response Platforms
  • Directory, Identity, and Access Management
  • Public Cloud Telemetry
  • 3rd Party SIEMs can be used to forward logs to support SecureShield™

  • Automated Threat Hunting
XDR Background


Response powered by Digital Hands CyGuard Maestro

  • Respond to threats early in the Kill Chain
  • Security Playbooks at Machine Speed
    • Firewall Blocks
    • Advanced EDR Orchestration
    • Directory, Identity and Access Management (IAM)
  • Maestro cuts analysis and response time from hours or days into seconds


Supported XDR tech


Supported Technologies

CyGuard Maestro™ provides limitless visibility and automation, and a single interface for our analysts to investigate, contain and respond quickly to identified threats at Machine Speed.

With over 300 integration capabilities,  we can support most EDR, Firewalls, network, cloud, and Directory/IAM ad SIEM technologies to create your unique custom solution.


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