Unified threat management.

Unified threat management.

Security teams today struggle with point solution sprawl which results in higher security costs and reduced visibility and control over the network. Unified Threat Management solutions simplify the architecture, but it is difficult for organizations to derive full value from these solutions. The specialized skillsets and expertise required to derive full value out of a UTM deployment are in high demand. As a result, many organizations struggle to fully deploy all the features that come with a UTM. 

Unified Threat Management solutions can help you simplify your perimeter architecture while delivering better visibility and control over traffic entering and leaving your network. Many businesses do not have the staffing, expertise, or time to effectively manage, maintain, and monitor these solutions to ensure maximum protection and quick response to critical issues. Staff shortages are only going to get worse. By 2019, experts estimate that there will be a global-wide shortage of 2 million security professionals.  

Every day, minute, and second new attacks are being perpetrated. Digital Hands provides the expertise to help you keep up.

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  • - Enhanced visibility of security threats and posture.
  • - Reduced security risk.
  • - Lower operational costs.
  • - Increased compliance and forensic capabilities.
  • - A simplified perimeter security architecture.
  • - Faster implementation.
  • - Full utilization of the NGFW feature set from day one.


  • - Compliance
  • - Flexibility
  • - Efficiency

Take immediate and proactive steps to ensure your organization’s security by addressing threats head-on with the next-generation in security protection.


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