Web application firewall.

Web application firewall.

The Internet has shattered the physical boundaries and has become a super highway of information, innovation, and communication - connecting, people, places, and ideas. It is a vital tool that has transformed the world and fueled the creation of new industries and economies; contributing to the success of all organizations.

With this increased accessibility to the world around you, comes an increased volume and variety of threats. Web applications have become the number one source of data breaches. That is why we offer a comprehensive Web Application Firewall (WAF) service. 

When you choose Digital Hands Managed WAF, you get to reap the benefits that come from web based applications in this digital age, without the fear of being infiltrated by malicious sources that can wreak havoc on your network. 

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  • - 24 x 7 monitoring and support by our accredited security experts
  • - Multi-layer web application defense to protect your organization while data is constantly in motion
  • - A comprehensive strategy for your cloud-based applications that’s easy to deploy and maintain


  • - Proactive protection against emerging threats
  • - Compliance with regulations and internal policies
  • - Security expertise to ensure you derive full value out of your firewall investment

How many SaaS or cloud-based programs is your organization running? Scan, detect, and protect. It’s that easy. Now you can get back to business.

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