Digital Hands offers managed and security services for a wide variety of technologies and vendors. Digital Hands ability to support such a wide range of customer environments and security technologies, which is accomplished by leveraging existing personnel and SOC tools along with cyber threat intelligence and security orchestration and automation (SOAR). This approach provides the flexibility for customers to outsource some or all their security operations to Digital Hands based on varying customer needs 

At Digital Hands, our adaptive security architecture approach delivers security at the speed of your business in four key areas


Organizations cannot afford to rely solely upon prevention and detection methods. You must have the capability to predict attacks so that you can shore up your defenses and monitoring capabilities to better protect your business against an attack.


A protective layer of security defenses, coupled with mature security operations delivers the capability to effectively prevent incidents. Proactive threat hunting enables organizations to refine defenses to protect against new and emerging threats, moving the organization to a more mature state of cyber resilience.


It isn’t enough to deploy dozens of security point products to protect your business. By having all systems reporting into a common threat monitoring platform, you gather valuable intelligence that makes security usable. Proactively hunting and deploying defenses to prevent attacks. 


The rate and sophistication of cyberattacks means that you must be in a state of continuous response. We work as an extension of your team to rapidly investigate and remediate incidents as soon as they are detected.


Managed Solutions

  • - Network Security
  • - Endpoint Defense
  • - Data Protections


  • - Prevention of data loss 
  • - Protection from threats 
  • - Compliance with regulations and processes 
  • - Increased Flexibility


  • - 24/7 system monitoring to stop potential intruders 
  • - Aggressive monitoring and alerts to ensure constant compliance
  • - Managed security services that serve as an extension of your organization
  • - A technology assessment to evaluate your systems and operations
  • - Real-time, automatic policy enforcement across all devices



Network security services

Internet of Things (IoT) is on the rise and your organization is under constant attack. IoT devices have increased 31% from 2016 to 2017, hitting 8.4 billion. By 2020 that number is expected to surge to 20.4 billion. Is your network ready?

Endpoint defense

Organizations in every industry struggle to secure endpoints – many don’t even know how many are connecting to the network, or where they are physically located. Yet, every device that connects to your network has the possibility of exposing sensitive data to threats.

Data protection

Data protection is an essential element in doing business in today’s connected world. Data is your organization’s most valuable asset and assuring the confidentiality, integrity and availability of business-critical data is of paramount importance.

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