Information Technology security is a moving target. To avoid crippling ransomware and data breaches, you must effectively identify, prioritize and remediate vulnerabilities on network equipment, operating systems, applications, and often appliances connected to your environment.

Our Vulnerability Management Solution protects your organization from vulnerabilities that can lead to data loss, compromised identifiable information, regulatory compliance violations, and DDoS attacks. With this cloud-based service, you will have valuable access to a comprehensive continuous security solution.

Patching and remediation can sometimes be challenging due to limited resources. We use advanced cyber threat intelligence to identify the vulnerabilities that pose an immediate risk to your company. This helps you prioritize what needs to be fixed now and what can wait until later.

Digital Hands takes a risk-based approach and efficiently stays ahead of any cyber attacks, reducing the attack surface, and maximizing the security of your network.



Key Features

Rapid Identification

Critical Vulnerabilities detected at machine speed

Advanced Risk Scoring

Prioritize vulnerabilities for remediation or mitigation

Works with Current Apps

On premise, cloud, or hybrid network based implementations

Expert Analysis

Assist with implementation and remediation recommendations

Comprehensive Reports

Includes steps to quickly remediate security issues

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