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Web Application Firewall

Your Web Applications May Be At-Risk. Are You Prepared?

The Internet has shattered physical boundaries and has become a superhighway of information, innovation, and communication. With this increased accessibility to the world around you, comes an increased volume and variety of threats, and your web applications have become the number one source of data breaches. That is why we offer a comprehensive Web Application Firewall (WAF) service.

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How Does The Digital Hands WAF Work?

Think of this service as a shield between your web applications and the internet. Our WAF is designed to protect your web applications by continuously monitoring, filtering, and blocking any malicious threats from HTTP/S traffic that is traveling directly to your web applications; while also preventing data from leaving the web applications themselves that are not authorized. Just as we see a proxy server acting like a middle-man to protect the identity of a client, a WAF operates similarly, but in reverse - called a reverse proxy. It protects the web application servers from potentially malicious clients.

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Web App Firewall Features & Benefits

24/7 Monitoring & Expert Support

Multi-Layer Web App Defense

Comprehensive Cloud-Based Deployment

Proactive Protection

Compliance With Regulations & Internal Policies

Security Expertise to Ensure ROI

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