We see the changing digital landscape. Today’s businesses rely on technology and innovation to grow. But, they struggle to balance the opportunity and risk. The explosion of artificial intelligence is fueling major advances in every industry. As computers become more human-like, we are seeing a new class of cyber threats.  We are connecting more and more devices to the internet which makes our attack surface bigger. At the same time, attacks are becoming more intelligent and stealthy. Prevention is not enough. You need to detect and respond to threats in a matter of minutes. Your customers are counting on you. 

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In today’s sophisticated threat landscape, you cannot afford to rely solely upon prevention and detection methods. You must have the capability to predict attacks and better protect your business.


You invest heavily in security products to prevent cyber attacks and to prevent sensitive company data from leaving your organization. Each of these toolsets requires specialized knowledge and ongoing maintenance.


It isn’t enough to deploy dozens of individual security products to protect your business. By having all systems reporting into a common threat monitoring platform, you gather valuable intelligence that makes security usable.


The rate and sophistication of cyber attacks mean that we must be in a state of continuous response. Again, this can be a challenging proposition for small, stretched teams. Digital Hands can work as an extension of your team.

CyGuard™ - Rapid detection and response

CyGuard™ is an advanced threat protection solution that provides visibility into your network environment, threat intelligence and the operational capability to respond when incidents occur. With CyGuard™ you have the power to detect and respond to cyber threats faster than ever. 


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